New Bern visitors and locals alike can treat themselves to a full dining experience with a visit to Musashi Japanese Steak. This hibachi restaurant has a classic Japanese steakhouse “show,” where the chefs prepare the tabletop cuisine, performing feats with knives, fire, and ingredients that are always a pleasure to watch. With an extensive menu to boot, and an inviting atmosphere where there’s ample room for families to look on, Musashi Japanese Steak is a fun destination for global cuisine with a little entertainment thrown in.

Musashi Japanese Steak is fairly easy to find, thanks for a location along Glenburnie Road, which one of the busiest streets in the city for shoppers and businesses. Located just a few minutes west of downtown New Bern, visitors of all corners of the Inner Banks will have a relatively easy time reaching and enjoying this eatery. Once at the restaurant, patrons will be treated to a first-hand cooking experience, as trained chefs craft a multi-course Japanese meal in front of diners’ eyes. With an accompanying sushi menu, as well as other dishes and drinks that patrons of all tastes will love, Musashi Japanese Steak is a crowd pleasing spot that will provide a memorable meal from start to finish.

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