Thorofare Bridge

Kayakers, mariners, and any visitor who adores an endless waterfront view will want to make a convenient but secluded stop at the boat ramp and launching area at Thorofare Bridge. Situated in the heart of Cedar Island, this little-known destination is a popular spot for local mariners to explore the wild waters that the Crystal Coast is known for.

Thorofare Bridge Kayak access

The Thorofare Bridge is easy to spot along NC Highway 12, and visitors can pull off at the southern terminus of the bridge to reach the parking and launching area. The site has ample parking spaces for vehicles with trailers, as well as a concrete launching lane and a boat dock for vessels cruising through the region. The launch site is next to Thorofare Bay and the Core Sound, and from here, adventurers can explore the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge, and even outlying but hard-to-reach destinations like Portsmouth Island and the Cape Lookout National Seashore. In addition, everyday sightseers can enjoy some exceptional birdwatching from this vantage point on the edge of the marshes and brackish waters. A unique pit stop on a cruise through Cedar Island, the Thorofare Bridge is more than meets the eye for explorers and water fans of all varieties.

Thorofare Bridge Kayak access

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