Take a trip outside of the heart of downtown New Bern to uncover this gem of an Italian restaurant that’s an easy drive away from the historic district. La Rosa Italian Restaurant is a popular local destination for fresh Italian flavors, with a menu that seemingly goes on for miles, and a ton of specialties that are hearty enough to satisfy any sized appetite.

La Rosa Italian Restaurant is located just west of the downtown New Bern area and is relatively easy to find thanks to a locale along the bustling Glenburnie Road. Though modestly sized and relatively casual in nature, this Italian restaurant shines when it comes to cuisine, thanks to a long list of traditional fare including pasta dishes, chicken and veal specialties, parmigiana dishes, appetizers, lunch specials, and much more. Hungry diners will want to explore the variety of pastas available, which can include local favorites like classic lasagna, as well as heaping samples of traditional Italian dishes like the Trio of Pasta and the Tour of Italy. Nicely priced, and able to cater to budgets and appetites of all sizes, La Rosa Italian Restaurant is a popular spot for locals and frequent visitors alike who want to satisfy a craving for authentic Italian flavors without ever leaving the town of New Bern.

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