Let the welcoming folks at Island Essentials - "A Linen & Leisure Supply Company" - simplify your coastal experience. From umbrellas to baby gear rentals to tent and event rentals for all occasions, they have what it takes to put the Leisure back into your life's most valuable element...time.

When it comes to relaxed and fun-filled days along the Crystal Coast shoreline, Island Essentials has everything that vacationers need to ensure their getaway is as stress-free and entertaining as it can be. Based in the town of Emerald Isle, and offering a host of rental equipment that ranges from cottage supplies to beach chairs, visitors can fill in the blanks of their vacation needs by stocking up on all the little extras that make a seashore retreat absolutely perfect.

Island Essentials is located in the town of Emerald Isle, however visitors have the option to reserve their items online, (as well as in person), before their vacation begins. The sheer variety of items available to rent on a daily or even weekly basis is staggering, and includes beach equipment such as chairs, umbrellas and bikes, kid and baby supplies such as cribs and jog strollers, cottage necessities like air mattresses, grills and even portable hot tubs, and special event equipment such as tents or banquet tables and chairs. From large group gatherings or weddings to simply fun family trips to the beach, Island Essentials truly has everything under the sun when it comes to fully enjoying the Emerald Isle shoreline.

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