Though it’s a quiet coastal community, there’s a lot to love and discover within historic Beaufort, and Hungry Town Tours is happy to launch visitors on a fun-filled adventure of everything this incredible community has to offer. Featuring both walking and bicycle tours for visitors who want to fly to the sites or who’d rather take it slow, Hungry Town Tours epitomizes all the hallmarks of southern living – a laid back pace, plenty of stories along the way, and a good dose of down-home hospitality.

There are a number of tours to choose from for walkers and riders alike, which includes Culinary Beaufort Tours, Nicholas Sparks-themed tours, shrimp and oyster tours, historic tours, and even “Hidden Beaufort” tours, which uncover some of the lesser-known landmarks in this coastal town. Bike tours are held on retro-chic bicycles, with plenty of stops along the way to keep things interesting, while walking tours are equally laid-back adventures that wind through the main drag as well as more secretive streets where rich stories or cuisine awaits. With so much to offer for food lovers, history lovers, romantics, and everyone in between, Hungry Town Tours is showing how this coastal community can appeal to visitors of all tastes.

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