Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant may be one of the most famous restaurants in the Crystal Coast and southern Outer Banks region. Located on the edge of Downtown Morehead City, with a huge sign that can’t be missed by travelers passing through, the waterfront restaurant has welcomed decades of patrons who crave local seafood and an on-the-water view.

Sanitary Restaurant first opened its doors in 1938 as a 12-stool restaurant with a small kerosene stove and an ever-changing selection of dishes that was brought in by local fishermen. Today, the restaurant can seat up to 500, but still has local fare as the prime attraction on its lengthy menu. Southern favorites like shrimp and grits, fried popcorn shrimp, and Bogue Sound clam chowder can all be found, as well as a wealth of fried or broiled seafood platters. Seasonal specialties are divided into “inshore” and “offshore” categories, while meat lovers will also find a nice selection of steaks, sandwiches, and other land-lubber dishes. A special bar menu and kids menu is also available, and desserts and milkshakes are also on-hand to appeal to a sweet tooth.

A famed destination for Crystal Coast visitors for more than 75 years, Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant remains a beloved restaurant in Downtown Morehead City.

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